2 399 

Dirty hands can lead to dire consequences. Microorganisms on them cause E. coli, dysentery, hepatitis and other diseases. It is not always possible to wash your hands, an antiseptic gel will help with this. It has a compact size, you can always carry it with you.

The cosmetic is excellent for disinfecting, since it contains 66% isopropyl alcohol. The gel effectively destroys pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

Limoni Hyaluronic Eye Patches, 30 pcs, image
Save 15%
179  153 
Moisturizing fabric eye patches with hyaluron: moisturize and tone the skin around the eyes prevent the...
VonU Green Tea Кондиционер для волос с зеленым чаем 200 мл, image
Save 38%
608  375 
увлажняет волосы ухаживает за цветом окрашенных волос защищает от негативных факторов окружающей среды делает...
VonU Caviar Set Набор шампунь 200 мл + кондиционер 200 мл с икрой, image
Save 30%
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Внимание, срок годности до 09/2020!

Limoni Collagen Booster Lifting Eye Patches, 30 pcs, image
Save 34%
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Firming tissue eye patches with collagen: rejuvenate and increase skin elasticity nourish and moisturize the...
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В наборе три средства из серии Collagen в "дорожных" упаковках. Небольшой объём позволяет взять средства с собой в поездку или при посещении спортзала, фитнесс-центра. Идеально подходит для первого знакомства с косметикой Limoni.

Hyaluronic Face + Masks Set (9 pieces), image
Save 31%
4 645  3 227 

The set includes:

1.Hyaluronic Intensive Ampoule 25ml

The serum contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (50%), which, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, perfectly moisturizes and prevents dehydration. The serum formula is also enriched with Japanese birch sap, which refreshes the skin, blackberry extract, which saturates the skin with vitamins and gives it a fresh look.

2.Hyaluronic Ultra Moisture Cream 50ml

The cream has a soothing effect, nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to vitamin B3, it evens skin tone and brightens pigmentation. After the first application, the skin looks more elastic.

3.Hyaluronic Ultra Moisture Eye Cream 25ml

The cream provides a triple effect: lifting, moisturizing and firming. The formula is enriched with aloe vera to soften the skin, shea butter for additional nutrition and peony root extract to reduce dark circles.

4. Five face masks.

Limoni Aquamax Eye Patches Moisturizing Eye Patches, 30 pcs, image
Save 34%
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Moisturizing fabric eye patches with thermal water: deeply moisturize the skin around the eyes eliminate...
Limoni Collagen Booster Lifting Hydrogel Eye Patches, image
Save 38%
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Collagen Booster eye patch is an innovative product that provides the most effective care for the skin around the...
Snail Repair Set (4 pieces, with gold cream), image
Save 25%
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The Snail Repair kit contains three products from the series, necessary for the care of the skin of the face and skin around the eyes. Favorable price plus a beautiful box as a gift!

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The Snail Repair Set consists of serum and cream that complement and enhance each other's action. Promote...
Limoni Snail Repair Eye Patches, 30 pcs, image
Save 26%
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Restorative tissue eye patches with snail secretion extract: smooth out wrinkles with a botox effect deeply...