Маски для волос

Richenna Gold Mask for hair and scalp with henna and a complex of oriental herbs 230 gr, image
Save 1%
1 886  1 875 
Effectively eliminates dandruff, stops hair loss and enhances hair growth. In addition to henna and red ginseng...
VonU Argan Nourishing Hair Mask with Argan Oil 480 ml, image
Save 8%
1 385  1 271 
: softens hair makes hair silky and manageable instantly revitalizes weakened hair intensively...
VonU Keratin Reconstructor Mask with Keratin 480 ml, image
Save 6%
1 395  1 314 
thickens and strengthens the hair restores the natural structure of hair gives hair elasticity reconstructs...
VonU Aloe Moisturizing Hair Mask with Aloe Vera 480 ml, image
Save 16%
1 395  1 170 
Basic actions: intensely moisturizes hair smoothes hair eliminates fragility gives hair a silky shine...


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