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The 3D fabric mask is impregnated with an essence that contains snail secretion extract, adenosine and collagen.
Limoni Hyaluronic Ultra Moisture Essence 30 ml, image
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The innovative formula of the essence is aimed at deep moisturizing of the skin (due to the high concentration of...
Limoni 24K Gold Snail Repair Rich Cream 50 ml, image
Save 32%
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Gold is commonly found in formulas designed to regenerate skin. It has a beneficial effect on skin, especially aging...
Hydrophilic oil Limoni Fresh Skin Double Effect Oil Cleanser 120 ml, image
Save 9%
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Hydrophilic oil is a unique product specially designed to remove all types of makeup: light daytime, bright evening and long-lasting professional.

The tool easily removes all types of tonal foundations (powders, tonal creams, BB and CC creams), cleanses pores from impurities and makeup residues. Upon contact with water, the oil turns into the most delicate emulsion, which provides the most comfortable and effective cleansing for all skin types. The oil softens the aggressive effect of hard tap water on the skin. Smoothes the surface of the skin, makes it soft, elastic, and gives a healthy glow.

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The moisturizing toner, which contains a high concentration of active hyaluronic acid, penetrates deeply into the...
Limoni Snail Repair All In One Cream 50 ml, image
Save 22%
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Multifunctional regenerating cream without fragrances, dyes and preservatives contains the maximum concentration of...
Limoni Premium Syn-Ake Anti-Wrinkle Emulsion 120 ml, image
Save 22%
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Concentrated emulsion with a comfortable texture reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin. The delicate texture is...
Limoni Hyaluronic mask with hyaluronic acid moisturizing, image
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A sheet mask with hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.
Limoni Fresh Skin Daily Foaming Cleanser 100 ml, image
Save 14%
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Foam for gentle daily cleansing contains several types of hyaluronic acid, due to which the skin is provided with maximum moisture during the cleansing process. Thanks to the pump package, an elastic foam is formed, which gently cleanses the skin, leaving an incredible feeling of cleanliness on its surface without drying out and the effect of tightness.

The product is ideal for daily skin cleansing.

Limoni Premium Syn-Ake Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Mask 50 ml, image
Save 16%
890  752 
The mask promotes skin regeneration during a night's rest . Due to the content in the composition of a unique...
Limoni Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule 25 ml, image
Save 28%
1 383  989 

Active composition of snail secretion, EGF and beneficial plant essences. The cosmetic product excellently increases the elasticity of the skin, and small mimic wrinkles disappear intensively. With regular use, enlarged pores and skin greasiness decrease, and various inflammatory processes take place.
The epidermis is perfectly moisturized, an active cell metabolism occurs, and small scar formations are smoothed out.

Limoni Hyaluronic Ultra Moisture Emulsion 50 ml, image
Save 15%
1 271  1 074 
The most delicate texture of the emulsion spreads easily over the skin and instantly increases the level of...
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