Antiseptic gel universal Mylimoni, 100 ml, 1 piece

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Содержание спирта65% БрендMylimoni Обьём, мл100

Ideal for hand hygiene! Thanks to its 65% alcohol base, the gel destroys 99.9% of the most common disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Ideal for hand hygiene!

The gel destroys 99.9% of the most common disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.
When used, MYLIMONI cleanses the skin of the hands to the maximum, leaves a feeling
freshness, does not require napkins, water and soap.
The extract of St. John's wort, which is part of the gel, is a powerful natural antiseptic that
has an antibacterial effect against a wide range of microbes.

  • 65% alcohol base - provides maximum protection against bacteria and viruses;
  • Natural composition - St. John's wort extract provides antiseptic and antibacterial action;
  • Multifunctionality - destroys bacteria and viruses not only on the hands, but also on any surfaces;
  • Convenient packaging formats to choose from - you can take it with you on the road;
  • Economical consumption - a small amount of hand and surface treatment is enough, it is more economical than liquid products;
  • Safety - does not cause addiction and irritation on the skin;
  • Thick consistency - provides full coverage;
  • Fast processing of hands and surfaces - does not require rinsing with water; for a thorough treatment of hands with an antiseptic, it takes 30 seconds, and for washing with soap - 2 minutes;
  • Prolonged action - protection for several hours.

For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from fire, heat sources, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. In case of contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose), rinse with running water. Store at a temperature not lower than 5 ° C and not higher than 25 ° C.


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